10 Amazing YouTube Tricks You Had No Idea About

Here’s to the app which single handedly ruined the lives of cat lovers, dog lovers, music lovers, food lovers, dance lovers, acting lovers, comedy lovers – to summarise every human in the planet earth and here are some tricks to learn so you could continue to do so, only with a little thing or two in your hand:

1. Go to the YouTube url and add “GIF” like shown below :

You’ll be taken to GIF YouTube In  matter of second where you can make GIFs out of your favorite videos.

2. Just add a simple ‘ss’ in the URL after www and before YouTube to download YouTube videos effortlessly.

It will take you to a download page where you’ll find various formats to choose from.

3.  Search #artistname to land on a musician’s topic page.

Full albums are arranged as video playlist in the album section.

4. Key Board Shortcuts

5. Right click (or ctrl + click) on a video to share it at a certain time.

6. Start your video at a specific time

If you want to start your video at a specific time just add #t= followed by the time you want your video to start from –

7. Or You can also click on the share button and select start at time.

8. Operate YouTube Only Through Keyboard

Don’t feel like using your mouse? 

Just type “/leanback” after https://www.youtube.com and press enter.

YouTube is now completely keyboard driven.

9. Now you can read transcript of people’s videos.
Open the video in YouTube and press the “More” tab underneath the video title. Choose “Transcript” from the drop-down menu,

10. Add this item to refine your search results.

Image credit : BuzzFeed, ScoopWhoop, Hubspot

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