How to view and delete saved password in Firefox

Hello guys!
Today I will be telling you “How you can  view saved password in Firefox”
Now a days we are not limited to only on website or two, it is quite understandable that remembering dozens of passwords for a normal human brain isn’t possible!
So to avoid forgetting the password what we can do is, use same password for all websites which its not safe,because if someone somehow able to get our password of one login ,he can access all other too.
But developers of Web Browser a quite awesome because they provide us a option to save different passwords in different websites,so we need not to remember them.
But what if we want to login by any other device or browser and we don’t know,What our password is?
I got your back, today I will be showing you how you can get saved password in firefox


1.Open Menu by clicking hamburger icon in the top right corner.
2.Go to Preferences.
 3.Go to security.
4.Click on saved logins.
5.Click on “Show Password”.
Thats it 🙂 Keep visiting 😉

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