Chinese satellite captured a picture with unlimited zoom!

How far capabilities of a camera can go? Tracey Lindeman tweeted on 19 Dec. that a Chinese satellite captured a photo with 24.9 billion pixels.

This picture has such a high resolution that you can clearly see each person’s face.

Tracey Lindeman wrote:

This is insane.

Chinese Satellite captured this photo with 24.9 billion pixels of quantum technology. It’s basically unlimited zoom — to the point where you can clearly see each person’s face.

But just after few minutes, she posted that her info isn’t entirely correct!

This picture was originally taken by Bigpixel Technology Corporation and was shot at the top of Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai! The original Resolution of the image is 195 Gigapixels, and one Gigapixels is one billion pixels!

So now its clear that this picture was not taken by any satellite camera, these pictures are created by certain methods like stitching/editing.

A thorough guide to create such images can be found here.

There are many images like this, and with such amazing creativity rumours like this spreads around!!

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