How to set a Background Image in Pendrive?

Last Updated on February 27, 2022 by Vinay Kharayat

Hello guys. Today I brought you a very cool trick. Now using this trick you can set any image as a background image on your PC. This trick can come in handy if you lost your Pendrive and the person found would like to return it to you. Just set your contact details as background in your Pendrive before taking the Pendrive to your office or school function.

You can also set your company’s logo as background before giving it to other people in order to look even more professional. There could be tons of other reasons to set a background image in your Pendrive. Also, I forgot to mention that you can set background anywhere on your PC using this trick. Just copy paster desktop.ini and background.jpg to any folder and that’s it.

What is the use of Desktop.ini File?

Folders are generally displayed with the standard folder icon. A common use of the Desktop.ini file is to assign a custom icon or thumbnail image to a folder. You can also use Desktop.ini to make an info tip that displays details about the folder and controls some aspects of the folder’s behavior, such as setting localized names for the folder or items in the folder.

Further details about the Desktop.ini file can be found in Microsoft’s Official Docs. If you want to learn more about Desktop.ini just visit Microsoft Docs :).

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Steps to set Background Image in USB drive

Setting background images in a USB drive or Pendrive is pretty easy. Not only you can set background images in Pendrive but you can send background images in any folder. Just follow these steps to set the background image in Flash Drive or your USB flash drive.

  • Select an image on your computer which you want to appear as a background image.
  • Now copy and paste the image into your Pendrive.
  • Rename that image as background.png
  • Download this desktop.ini file and copy it to your pendrive or thumb drive, or you can copy the code and create a new Desktop.ini file. You can also use the Desktop.ini file which is already present there.
  • Now open your Pendrive or memory stick and press F5 to refresh. 

Note: Wallpaper could also be set in any other directory (Hard disk’s Drives) like
C drive D drive or E drive etc. Just copy and paste the files in the directory where you want the wallpaper to appear.


To sum up, this is a pretty cool trick for businesses to show off their professionalism or someone who like to show off cool stuff to their friends as I do lol :p

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