How to change Facebook name before 60 days?


Hello! I m back with a new trick to change Facebook name before 60days.
Sometime while changing the name in Facebook,by mistake we name it incorrectly or if some of our friend changes it for fun!
So according to Facebook’s Policy we can’t change it before 60 Days .
But today I am providing you a trick by which you can change your facebook name before 60Days!!!
But the limitation of the trick is that you can only revert your name to older on.


  • Visit Facebook’s Hacked Account Section.
  • It will ask you for your password for some security reasons.
  • Then in the next screen you will see  ‘Review the Email Addresses on Your Account’ 
  • Select your email
  • Then select ‘ Only I know the password for’ .Then continue.
  • Now select the name what u want ^_^ .
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