How to Port Custom recovery for any Android [Easiest Way]

Last Updated on March 18, 2016 by Vinay Kharayat

Hi guys welcome back,

Today I am going to teach you how can you port Twrp/Cwm to your device
I tested it and it is working fine for me that why I am sharing this.

Here is the video guide:Port custom recovery for spreadtrum or mtk

Note :- 
1-Android hut will not responsible for your brick devices ,SD cards or anything
2-You can only port custom recovery of same chipset only

Required tools:-
*Android Image Kitchen
*Most important “brain”

Required files:-
*Stock recovery.img
*Port recovery.img (recovery you want to port)

So let’s start porting:-

  • Extract Android Image kitchen
  • Now after extracting kitchen you will see some files

  • Copy your stock.img and port.img inside kitchen folder
  • Drag your stock.img to unpackimg.bat
  • Now cut ramdisk and split_img folder and paste to any different location/folder

  • Do same with port.img (but don’t cut- paste the files)
  • Delete split_img
  • Copy split_img of stock recovery(you decomplied it earlier) and paste with ramdisk of port.img
  • Go to ramdisk and open default.prop of both stock and port
  • and match them
  • Now in kitchen folder double click on repackimg.bat
  • Now you will see a new-image.img fileThis is your ported recovery.
Thats it! Easy,isn’t it?
Drop a comment below if this worked for you ^_^

5 thoughts on “How to Port Custom recovery for any Android [Easiest Way]”

  1. Hi vinay kharayat thanks for this useful info. I am mobile user. I dont having my personal computer. I cant manage to do in others computer. Can you help me for my spreadtrum device. I am searching for long time nearly 1 and a half year but unable to find custom recovery for my device. "Intex aqua y2 1gb" is my mobile model number its spreadtrum 4inch device i rooted it and installed many recovery but unsucess with bootloop or white screen. Can you develop one custom recovery or port it with any recovery i am uploading link here of my boot.img and stock recovery.
    Please do it
    Thanks in advance
    Here is the link:

  2. Sorry for too late reply,your comment was moved automatically to my spam folder.So answer is YES,, I will make one for you,if you are still interested. 🙂 reply here then only I will start working on it..


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