[Updated 2022][Rooted] How to increase the battery life of the Android mobile?

Last Updated on June 18, 2022 by Vinay Kharayat

Hi guys! In today’s article, I will tell you some of the latest ways to increase the battery life of your android mobile. I myself use these methods and magisk modules and I can disclose to you they work. I will also list some common reasons responsible for fast mobile battery draining. Follow the instruction properly to fix and stop the Android battery from draining fast.

magisk modules to increase battery life mobile and stop battery from draining fast

Please note:- These methods are only for advanced users who have rooted their Android phone and have Magisk installed.

What are the reasons for Mobile batteries draining fast?

So there are many reasons why your mobile battery is draining fast and mostly it’s your bad habits that degrade the life of your battery.

Firstly, I explained what are the common mistakes that we do, and changing those habits will increase the battery life on your mobile. This post mainly focuses on rooted android devices but I also wrote a dedicated article for some tips to improve battery life make sure you read that too.

Mobile Data

Basically, mobile data is a big culprit which sucks out your battery juice. So if you keep your mobile data turned on 24×7 you will definitely get less Screen on time (SOT). Try to change your habit of keeping mobile data turned on 24×7.

Social Media Apps

We spent on average 3 hours daily on social media according to this research which is published on Research Gate. If you are using Facebook App or Instagram App for 3 hours daily then I am pretty much sure you won’t get much SOT on your Android device. Try to replace these apps with their web version or lighter version as these are the main reasons your mobile battery is draining fast, this will increase the battery life of your mobile.

Charging your device to 100%

Don’t charge your device to 100% on regular basis. You should only charge your mobile phone for 75-80% to increase battery life. Keep this in mind that you will get more SOT if you charge your device to 100% obviously, but for the long run keep it around 70-80% only.

Best ways to increase mobile battery life on rooted android phones.

Okay here is the fun part of this article. I am assuming you have Magisk installed on your android device. Just install these magisk modules and follow my instruction and this will definitely increase battery life on your Android mobile and will fix the fast-draining battery.

Advanced Charging Controller (ACC)

ACC is an Android software mainly intended for extending battery service life. In a nutshell, this is achieved by limiting charging current, temperature, and voltage. ACC supports all root solutions. The installation is always “systemless”.

So by using Acc you can control how much you want to charge your Android phone. Moreover, you can use ACCA (an android application) for a user-friendly interface. Basically, this module will help you increase the battery life of your android mobile.

Universal Gms Doze

Universal Gms Doze Patches Google Play services app and its background processes to be able to use battery optimization. This magisk module will definitely fix and will stop your battery from draining fast.


De-Bloater is an application using the power of Magisk to de-bloat unwanted applications systemless-ly. Uninstall all the bloatware installed by your manufacturer this will speed up your android phone and will definitely improve your battery life.


I hope you found some useful information here. Make sure you bookmark this post and keep visiting for updated information.

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