Are You Really Getting Your Private Space : Here’s Why You Need To Stop Using UC Browser And Move On

UC has been one of the leading mobile browsers for the millennials for its data saving features and compatibility. However, it might not be the best browser for you if you’re privacy concerned. 
You don’t have to blindly trust on our words. Here is what you can do to firstly find out how UC is violating your private space :

1. Search what’s my ip from chrome. Note down the results.
Do the same process from UC Browser and you’ll get a different ip.
It means they are re routing your data via their server.
2. They need phone permission. Okay I know storage permission is for downloading, camera permission is for when i try to upload an image in Facebook but why a browser needs phone permission? (for fast browsing?!)
Either you need to take more secure measures about that or you can just choose to move to Chrome which is probably the best browser already said by several users and here’s why you desperately need to move on :
1. Google collects all your personal data but never sells or gives it to anybody, not even FBI without court order. You can go to their Privacy Policy Page  and control whether Google will share your data or not.
While talking about privacy Apple is also good cause it is not an ad base company. So they will give you the highest security possible. 
Whereas products like Microsoft don’t give a penny’s thought to your privacy and sends them regularly to FBI but the “silver lining” is they don’t sale it to the DARK WEB

Facebook does the same and sends all data to the FBI directly and never deletes your data. 
Here’s how you can find out by yourself :

1. Download any image and upload it to Facebook and then delete it.
2. Continue the process for 7-9 times.
3. After doing it so many times you’ll get a prompt saying “is it that ( the image you previously uploaded) image?
Now if they have really deleted it how it can say if you uploaded previously or not?
Choose your poison wisely.

Write up and idea by Vinay Kharayat.

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