Buckle Up,Here Is A Ride To The Best Trailers At E3 2017

E3 is well on his way.  We all know E3 to be the base ground of gamers, with its release of videos and teasers and pictures, on which they base their future judgements of buying a game. It’s proved itself to be an amazing showcase for great trailers. However, you don’t need to get in there to feel the action. Here are some amazing trailers we gathered for you:

1. Assasin’s Creed: Origin
One of the most beloved franchise of gaming has now come up again with a splendid trailer with stunning 4K resolution, this time, with ancient Egypt assassin’s brotherhood.If you’re a die hard fan of the game, you are in for a real treat:

2. Far Cry 5
This franchise took us up to a nice journey to Hope town of Montana, only it is fire from being as nice as it sounds. The trailer makes it look fanatic with the lash of the violence of the local cult which has every resident under its boots:

3. Skulls And Bones
Pirate battle on the high seas, with 5vp5vp multiplayer with massive ships in the demo, isn’t for the hearted, showed off by E3 convention. it shows advance water graphics with ships equipped with multiple cannons and big steering wheels which make it turn left to right:

4. God Of War
Sony gives a glimpse of PS4 exclusive God Of War story and release date reveals at E3 2017. A lot has changed in characters, possible plotline, and camera movements.There is now less violence and more adventure in this game. There is a lot of combat against foes, but the trailer focused mostly on the relationship between Kratos and his son.Set in a Norse setting, Kratos’ son appears to be suffering from a curse and he must embark on a journey that involves killing a chunk of monsters.
5. A Way Out
It has been said the biggest surprise of E3 convention and here’s why :

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