Denuvo Is Accused Of Using Unlicensed Softwares To Protect Its Anti-Piracy Tools

Irony shot itself right in the middle of its eyes as Denuvo – the anti-piracy company gets accused of using unlicensed software to protect its anti-piracy tools.
A developer of VM protect softwares, which itself protects against reverse engineering said: “Denuvo has been using the product without obtaining necessary permission.”
This piece of information came from a Russian forum called RSDN, where the developer from VM protect, a user, accused Denuvo of this.
He says around 3 years ago they both entered into a mutual understanding about the possibility of Denuvo using VM protect’s software under a standard $500 licence. However, there was no proper deal set up but Denuvo gave it a go anyway.
The latest version of Denuvo was cracked by rising star Baldman in less than a week, where the protection, which didn’t use VM protect collapsed less than a week.
In an update, now VM Protect said Denuvo has permission to use its software.

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