How to get Google Assistant in Marshmallow (Without Root)

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Today I am back with a new trick by which you can get Google Assistant in your Marshmallow device.
As Apple came up with Siri,Google also started working on its own AI which is Google Assistant and Google announced at its developer conference in May 2016,but this Assistant is only available for few selected devices.So today I’ll tell you how you can get Google Assistant in your Marshmallow device (which is Android 6.0)
This is a pretty easy method which doesn’t require you to root your device.So lets begin.

Steps to get Google Assistant:-
1. First of all go to your Settings>Language & Input and change your language to English(United States) Important!

2. Now from Settings tap on Google.

3. Now tap on 3 vertical dots at upper right corner and then choose Help and Support.

4. Now again look at upper right corner tap on 3 verticle dots and choose View in Google Play Store.

5. It will open Google Play Store,now scroll down,there you will see Become a Beta Tester.
6. Choose I’m IN.

7. Now leave it like that and now search for Google App and become its beta tester too!
8. Wait for 5-10 mins.
9. Now in Play Store go to My apps & games section.
10. There you will see a new tab named as Beta.
11. Go there and you will see your Google Play Services and Google App got an Update.
12. Update both the apps.
13. Now go to Setting>Apps>Google app>Storage>Manage Space from there tap on Clear all data.
14. Do the same with Google Play services.
15. Now open your Google App and Tap on Hamburger icon.

16. Go to settings there you will see a section of Google Assistant.
17. Tap on Settings and Boom! You got your Google Assistant.
18. To access Google Assistant Long Press Home Button .^_^

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