How to write IMEI permanently without a PC?

Last Updated on July 27, 2021 by Vinay Kharayat

Today I brought you a way by which you can write IMEI permanently without PC or fix invalid IMEI errors. We usually face this type of problem after flashing Stock Firmware. Though there is a tool named IMEI Writer I saw many people aren’t able to use it (Including me). So after Googling for years and searching in the caves of Ajanta I found a way to fix this issue. Okay, jokes apart, let’s move to a solution now.

Requirements: The following tutorial might only work on Spreadtrum device. For Qualcomm follow this tutorial.

Steps to fix or write IMEI without PC :-

  1. First of all download Shortcut Master (lite) apk
  2. Install it and open it.
  3. Touch on the 3 dots at the top corner of Shortcut Master (lite) apk.
    step 3
  4. Select Secret Code Explorer option.
  5. Go to Code 111222
    secret code explorer
  6. Then select Launch 1.
    shortcut master lite
  7. Now in first IMEI input box enter the your first IMEI number and on second IMEI input box enter your 2nd IMEI number.
  8. Now tap on Write IMEI button.
    write IMEI permanently
  9. IF there is no code like 111222 in your device select any of code highlighted below.
    write IMEI permanently
  10. Touch on launch 1 it will open Engineer Mode.
  11. Search for Write IMEI option. Then follow from step 6 to step 8.

If you are still not able to find the option, you have to look in the list of all the options and note down the codes from there which have Engineer Mode written in them. Then follow the steps.


By the above method, you can easily write IMEI permanently. But it might have consequences like if you will steal someone’s IMEI and put it in your phone, and if that person reports that his phone is stolen, the police might track your device. So beware of this, use this method only to write your own IMEI. I have also written a post about why we should hide our IMEI.

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