McDonald is looking up for new potential workers on Snapchat

McDonald has teamed up with Snapchat to recruit new workers.Sources says that they are looking for around 250,000 new workers in US and to fullfill this need they teamed up with Snapchat.Since most of its hires are between 16 and 24 years old — half of Snapchat’s users just happen to fall in the same age range.The company will start sending direct invites to users today, and anyone interested can start sending in what it calls “Snaplications,” as well. 

There is a filter in snapchat Snaplication launched by McDonald,all you have to do is to use that filter and record a 10 sec video and send it to company.
Once your video has been reviewed, McD’s will send you a link to the application page also within the app, so you can formally apply for a job.

The company also has plans to use Hulu and Spotify to reach out to potential millenial hires, though it’s still not entirely clear what kind of campaigns it’s launching with those services. 

This is a very good strategy to recruit new workers.This is what we call a good business mind.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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