PornHub Comes Up With a Novel Way of Supporting Net Neutrality

Nobody appreciates a video buffer time and it’s especially true when comes to PornHub.And slow internet speed is what the company will be protesting again along with Amazon, Reddit, Mozilla. Led by former Verizon executive and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, net neutrality is being threatened by a proposed rule to lift Title II, which prevents telecommunication companies from censoring the web, throttling internet speeds, or creating monopolies.

The protest organised by Fight for the Future, free press, and Demand Progress will highlight the threat of a free and open Internet, Motherboard reports. PornHub is one of the companies joining the protest which is being held five days before the first deadline for comments on the FCC’s proposal to roll back the government’s net neutrality rules.
Since Pornhub has 75 million daily visitors, it poses a major addition to the web-wide day of action. When it was created 10 years ago, Pornhub would have been at the mercy of internet service providers, Pornhub’s VP tells Motherboard. And if net neutrality is eliminated, your internet service provider could decide to censor Pornhub, or charge you extra to use a dating site like OKCupid so you’re not spending so much time on Pornhub.

 While it hasn’t detailed what PornHub will do in the protest, CEO Corey Price told Motherboard that it plans to implant a ‘loading icon’ to state how the state the repealing heights it could reach at some sites becoming slower if ISPs decide to create fast and slow lanes.

The PornHub CEO said. “We’re much more accustomed to ‘faster, faster, faster.’ Here at Pornhub, we want to keep it that way.”

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