PS4-Exclusive God of War Story and Release Date Revealed

Sony gives a glimpse of PS4 exclusive God Of War story and release date reveals at E3 2017.

 A lot has changed in characters, possible plotline, and camera movements.There is now less violence and more adventure in this game. There is a lot of combat against foes, but the trailer focused mostly on the relationship between Kratos and his son.Set in a Norse setting, Kratos’ son appears to be suffering from a curse and he must embark on a journey that involves killing a chunk of monsters.

 The villain of God of War makes a sarcastic appearance, teasing Kratos and is considered to be outside the realm of the Norse ambiance.

As known so far officially, it will release on early 2018 though no exact date has been implied on yet. It can be played on both PS4 and PS4 pro. The price so far is said to be around $59 or 3804 Rs. Nothing is official but according to Daily Star there has been a leak that suggests that fans can pre-order a 199 euro package available from January 15th.  

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