Snapdragon Qualcomm 450 with 14nm architecture

A good news for Snapdragon fans.We heard that Snapdragon is working on Qualcomm 450 which will give efficiency of Snapdragon Qualcomm 625 in 400 platform.Qualcomm’s 600 platform is based on 14nm architecture whereas 400 platform is based on 28nm architecture.With this new architecture Qualcomm’s 400 series will become more effcient which comes in Budget Smartphones.

Snapdragon Qualcomm 450 will feature GPU clocked at 600MHz and could be an underclocked version of Adreno 506 GPU.So with this new architecture Snapdragon Qualcomm 450 could be a power efficient with good graphics.

Company recently announced the Snapdragon 660 and 630 platforms for Mid range Smartphone.Company is also working on updated version of Snapdragon 835,which could debut with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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