3D Printing Pen

Yusuf Huraira was an visually impaired person who never had the experience of drawing with a pen. He definitely needs help from fellow students or his teachers to do that.

At Yusuf’s School, a 3D printing pen is helping visually impaired students to be creative as part of trial.Latest pen from 3Doodler creates lines from plastic, This plastic is having the ability to heat and coll rapidly. So, it’s not something they draw and show to it others but can.t se en by them. Those impaired children can actually touch and feel what they have created.

“Using the pen I have far more control on what I can do with it. It’s an experience for a people just to have a pen in their hand and to draw it and feel the results of what they have drawn,” says Yusuf.
Even though the pen has been around for a while, it recently received the endorsement of the Royal National Institute of Blind People(RNIB), a major UK based charity.

They recognized the 3Doodler pen as “easy to use” after testing it for one year with several group of impaired students along with their students. The pen is succeeded as user friendly which includes temperature settings. Tactile button is provided on it and also support audio learners.

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