Amazon Echo with a regional support

Although competitors in the U.S, UK and Germany are performing well Siri and Google Now are the popular voice assistants globally. In the recent years , Amazon too staring working with voice recognition technology. Amazon Echo voice assistant is helping in the households practically with their Echo smart speakers.

Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot are entered into Mobile World Congress earlier this year. It’s a practical application to our day-to-day lives.  Smart homes has become as a trend now. Peoples are looking for smart device which can interact and integrated with IOT (Internet of Things). Those smart devices can be commanded with voice which is more convenient.

Latest report from Economic times tells that Amazon Echo comes up with regional language support such as Tamil, Hindi and Marathi lately by this year in India. So, it aims the people like tech-savvy individuals in the rural areas. Users who love to order groceries, book an Uber, control other smart home gadgets with voice can definitely go for Amazon Echo. Echo doesn’t costs much in India hence it might become as a lifestyle product.

In U.S Amazon Echo priced at $179 and $50 for basic Echo which carries similar functions. In India, Amazon Echo will be a success product because of its low price.

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