Battery Free Mobile Phone

Choosing a best smartphone is quite difficult task. We may find high features on a phone but  if it has a lesser battery everything is almost useless. How can you run great task without a battery. Smartphone manufacturers are busy in making an efficient and high capacity batteries but US scientists came up with a different solution.

They developed a new phone that doesn’t have battery. Really an interesting tech. They harvest energy from radio signals and ambient light. With that phone they are successfully be able make a Skype call. How’s that possible? Process of converting analog into digital data draws more power and it is eliminated in this phone. This battery free phone completely made of components that are available on the market.All they have done is prototype and they want to improvise it by adding an e-ink display with video streaming capabilities and encryption to make the calls more secure.

Vamsi Tall, coauthor of this paper, says the base station technology they developed while it’s still an early prototype could make it possible for battery- free mobile phones to become ubiquitous. “You could imagine in the future that all cell towers or Wi-fi routers could come with our technology embedded in it”, Tall said.”And if every house has a Wi-Fi router in it, you could get battery free cell phone coverage everywhere”.

Lots of new technologies are emerging in mobile world. If everything is successful, within a year there will be a great transformation.

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