Canon launches DSLR with selfie mode

Cannon’s new DSLR EOS 200D is a new entry-level DSLR aimed at beginner photographers who use their smartphone for taking snaps. It will be available from the end of July for between US$549 (body only) and US$699, depending on the type of lens, putting it in the same price bracket as a high-end smartphone!

This new DSLR EOS 200D is going to replace EOS 100D.EOS 200D is the lightest DSLR of Cannon but its loaded with the Canon’s latest technological developments such as its DIGIC 7 processor and its autofocus which is claimed to be the fastest in the world.Other features include a vari-angle screen (good for taking unusual shots), a 24.2 MP sensor, and a burst mode of up to 5 frames per second. It can also film in Full HD. Cannon also included a selfie mode, with skin smoothing and background blurring options.

This DSLR is compatible with the entire range of EOS accessories, including over 80 lenses.

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