Google released Android O developer Preview

We know that next major software upgrade in Android is Android O. Almost all the new released devices can be readily upgraded to that. Recently, Google has released the developer preview of Android O public beta. Releasing developer preview trend has been started by Microsoft on its Windows 10 OS. Now Android too follows that.

Android O is the 8th operating system by the company. Reports says that this OS performing well and reliable and it seems that it will be final version of Android O. There’s no bugs in this beta versions and every application that runs on Nougat will also run on Android O. Final version of Android O will be released soon. Google Nexus and Google Pixel will receive this update via OTA(Over the Air). It will be used on Android Emulator programs

So, what’s the procedure to enroll in Android O Beta program?

Step 1: First, Make sure your device is eligible to receive Beta update

Step 2:  Visit here

Step 3: Enroll yourself

Step 4: You will get the Beta update via OTA and also final version when released.

If you want to go for manual flashing then download it here.

However, there’s no clarity on the name of that OS. If you check on the about page you will see a name Octopus. This is cool. Till every versions are named after sweet desserts.Only Android have to answer thus. 

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