How to Surf without Internet?

We all faced a scenario like we need to visit a webpage immediately but due to slow internet or traffic we will suppose to wait until it loads. This problem is partly solved by an app named “Offline Browser”. I’ll tell you why mentioned partly.

Lets have an idea about how you are able to view webpage on your phone with Internet Connectivity. If you visit a link, contents of that webpage are downloaded and stored temporarily on your phone untill you are on that page and then downloaded data will be deleted. Faster your connection faster the download happens. Download and delete occurs every time you visit that page. Most probably, information in a page won’t vary atleast for a day.
Offline Browser” downloads the content of that webpage and saves it permanently untill you opt for deletion. So, you are able to visit that page whenever wants to and even network connectivity is not required too. Only thing you have to do is download the pages you needed once which requires internet and enjoy surfing without network.
Step 1: Download and install “Offline Browser” from PlayStore for free
Step 2: In the app, tap on add sign to add the link
Step 3: After that give your desired title for your desired page and tap download. It will take some time
Step 4: Once download is finish then turn off your data. Now, you don;t need internet anymore to reach that page
‘Partly’ which I mentioned before is that this app has some constraints. E-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon has numerous pages on their website. Offline browser can only download a page not every linked pages. 

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