How to view or delete saved passwords in Firefox

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by Vinay Kharayat

Hello guys, in this article I shared a very simple way to find saved passwords in Firefox browser. You can also follow this guide to delete saved passwords in Firefox.

Nowadays we are not limited to only one or two websites, it is quite understandable that remembering dozens of passwords for a normal human brain isn’t possible! So to avoid forgetting our passwords what we do is, use the same password for all the websites, which is not safe, obviously!

Developers of Web Browsers are quite amazing, because they provide us an option to save different passwords for different websites, so we need not remember all the passwords. But what if we want to log in by any other device or browser, and we don’t know what our password is?

Today I will be showing you how you can get saved passwords in Firefox. You can download Firefox web browser from here.

Follow these steps to view saved passwords in Firefox:-

  • Open Menu by clicking Hamburger(also known as menu) icon in the top right corner.
menu icon firefox
  • Go to Preferences, referred as “Options” in newer versions.
menu firefox
  • Go to Security, referred as “Privacy and security” in newer versions.
security image
  • Scroll down to “Login and Passwords”
  • Click on Saved Logins.
security dialog
  • Click on “Show Password”.
Saved Login
Saved Login

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What about the security of saved passwords?

Yeah, it’s true that anyone can find saved passwords using this method, but isn’t it true anyone can log in to your account (even after you log out), using saved logins?

To prevent this you have to set a primary password. To set a primary password follow the steps above and go to Options>Privacy & Security

Now click on Use a Primary Password.

Now a new dialog box will show up. Create a strong password(Make sure you remember it).

Now every time you try to access your saved password you have to enter Primary Password first for a session (Until you restart Firefox).

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