Maps without GPS

Microsoft‘s solutions always has a standard. Now they came up with a Guiding app without GPS. When we go out and end up in location that’s not familiar or else we need to get into a new location then definitely opt for maps which needs GPS and Wi-Fi then drains more battery. If you consider this as problem, then Path Guide is a boon for you.

Path Guide is meant for indoor navigation without using the GPS on your phone. You can navigate without reaching satellites. Wi-Fi too is not needed. This app makes use of several sensors on your phone to record your movements in a particular area. Map your route with your phone. Users can navigate their way around buildings and essentially crowdsourcing is the key for indoor mapping.

Every step taken and the distance travelled have been recorded. Even the turns made also recorded. Users also able to make notes, record videos and add images of that location which might be useful for those who assist this maps later.

All said above are just news reported recently. We don’t how they gonna make it successful since they need some users at the start who help them by mapping their areas. Not only Microsoft is going with indoor mapping even Google already mapped certain popular malls and other famous locations. Path Guide will be available for iOS and Android.

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