Modular Smartphones from Facebook

Have you heard about Silicon Valley? A city of technology where lots of innovations and startups arose. Giant of social networking has published a patent application which seems that the company could be working on a modular electro-mechanical device.

Report from Business Insider reveals that the modular device is developed by consumer hardware lab responsible futuristic products. The name of the lab is Facebook’s Building 8. According to that patent application, the devices works like a regular smartphone which includes a speaker, microphone, touch display and GPS. As similar to Google’s Project Ara functionality of the device can be expanded by swapping modules with another modules.

Modular phone segment is not new and Facebook is not the fist and foremost company to do this. Google tried this and decided t cancel the project last year. LG too dropped this plan. Motto and Andy Rubin are the only two companies having hope on this project.

Still Facebook not confirmed this information officially. They said that they are developing a device which utilizes artificial intelligence and also to use Amazon alexa service. Users can type with their mind. Such kind of thing they are developing. Lots of reports saying those things but yet facebook should confirm that.

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