Public Wi-Fi are Risky

According to a report from Norton by Sysmantec, 96% of the Indians are subjected to chance of reveal their personal information while using Public Wi-Fi. Checking bank account, sharing personal videos and photos on Public Wi-Fi can easily be stolen. So, don’t prefer to do those things over that Wi-Fi.
“There is a deep divide between what people think is safe when it comes to using public Wi-Fi versus reality” , said Ritesh Chopra, Country manager, Consumer business Unit, Symantec, in a statement.
“What someone thinks are private on their personal devices can easily accessed by cyber criminals through unsecure Wi-Fi Networks or even apps with privacy vulnerabilities”, he added.

You may question yourself, How its been done? To be simple, you transfer data through Wi-Fi when using Shareit likewise your data’s are accessible by them. Lots of cyber criminal are around us who steal our personal information and sell it to someone else who needs it. If it’s a bank account credential then definitely no surety for the balance. Then, can’t we use Public Wi-Fi in case of any urgent. There’s a way to do. Try using some standard VPN’s which hides your device address and even location. Some expert cyber criminal make way in that too.
Finally the best thing is use public Wi-Fi only for entertainment purposes like watching videos, Scrolling Fb and something like that. 

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