Shake your body to charge the Phone

Running out of battery? Walk few distance by keeping your phone in you pocket. Yipee! your phone is charged. Seems funny and interesting, isn’t it? But its possible now.

An ultra-thin device uses the movements from walking and waving to generate electricity which powers your smartphone, tablets, and any other electronic gadgets. It was developed by several scientists from Washington including one from Indian origin.

Thin battery made from layers of black phosphorous that are only a few atoms thick. If the thin battery is subjected to bent or press, energy harvesting system in that generates a small amount of electricity even at extremely low frequencies motion. “In the future, I expect that we become charging depots for our personal devices by pulling energy from our motions and environment,” said Cary Pint, assistant professor at Vanderbilt University in the US.

Researches said, In comparison with the approaches designed to harvest energy from human motions, this new method has two advantages. Material used are atomically thin and small which can be easily impregnated in clothes without any effect to the look of fabric or feel. Energy can be extracted even form the low frequency of 10 Hertz. Now the question will be, is there any proof of concept(POC) for this?

A Vanderbilt doctoral student Nitin Muralidharan who was involved in creating and testing the device has answer for this. He said that extremely usable energy from such low frequencies has proven. This device has 25% efficiency in ideal configuration. Most interesting thing is energy generation happens even you sat on the bench.

Pint said that one of the futuristic applications of this technology might be electrified clothing.”Weare already measuring performance within the ballpark for the power requirment for a medium-sized low poer LCD display when scaling the performance to thickness and areas of the clothes we wear,” Pint added 

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