World’s First Smartphone with Holographic Display

HopefullyRed, the high end pro camera maker is going to bring out an evolution on the smartphone display. The Holographic phone, a phone that will show you 3D images with the help of holographic display. Till date, we were wondered by HD then QHD(2K) and now 4K displays but in the upcoming year it must be Holographic displays. So, do we need glasses to experience 3D imaging?

Definitely Not. Red has smartly used AR (Augmented Reality), mixing it up with the immensely popular VR (virtual reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) for a display that can create interactive content on a device. In short, we don’t need glasses to experience 3D on this new technology. Next question is which brand will be the first one to catch hold of this new tech.

Red itself planning to manufacture this device in the name of Hydrogen One. With this device, you can possibly be able to play videos and games on the 3D. Red has a great reputation on the Camera market. Now, it’s been trying to enter in the smartphone world with their new innovative display. It calls this smartphone as Holographic Media Machine.

Idea of holography is not new really Most of the smartphone brands like LG and HTC were experimented this 3D technology on their smartphones and they all ended in a failure in 2011. In 2014, Amazon too tried it as 3D Fire phone but unfortunately failed. Then what about the compatibility. They gave a pretty much cool reply for this.

Red developed “AR mixed VR algorithm with H3O algorithm” which will get embedded in OS and converts stereo audio and video into fancy multi-dimensional output. You can easily switch between 2D and 3D.

Known features of Hydrogen One

·   5.7-inch holographic display
·  USB type –c
·   Supports expandable storage
·   3.5mm audio jack

In Recent news, two variants are expected to ship on the early 2018. One is Aluminium version pricing Rs. 77,000 and Titanium version pricing a Lakh.

Pre- order is now available on RED website and they promises that it would be value for the money 

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