Android P beta 3 released for Google Pixel/Pixel XL & Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL


Google has already released 3 previews of Android P, and now preview 4 is rolled out for Google Pixel/Pixel XL & Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL.Google made some changes to new UI, but we cannot guarantee that these new changes will be there for other devices which will get this new update.

Android P Beta 3/Developer Preview 4 Change Summary

  • New ‘back’ button in the navigation bar
  • New rotation lock button
  • Tweaks to Quick Settings panel
  • Manual dark theme
  • ‘App Actions’ now work on the first generation Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL
  • Recent apps are now bigger when sliding through them
  • Status bar icons are now smaller
  • Call volume is now separate in the settings
  • New icon for keyboard switcher
  • New icon for Battery Saver when activated
  • New icons in the Settings
  • Always On Display now hides notifications too
  • New “Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload” option in Developer Options
  • New animation when opening recents
  • New animation when switching to the last app

All new Back button

Google has been changing some things in the navigation bar since the first Developer Preview of Android P. First they added rotation lock in DP1. Then, in Developer Preview 2, also known as the first beta release, they introduced gesture navigation. Android P DP3 (Beta 2) brought haptic feedback and some slight adjustments to the gesture navigation. The latest beta version comes with a new ‘back’ button icon.

Rotation Lock button

Google added a rotation lock button replacing recent button in the navigation bar. Rotation lock button was introduced in the first developer preview of Android P. It got a new look in the DP3, and now it got updated again.

Some Tweaks to Quick Settings

New icons are present in the Quick Settings panel. Almost all of them are just outlines now, instead of fully filled in.

Manual Dark theme selection

You can now toggle dark theme manually in the Display settings under Device theme category. There are 3 options :- Automatic, Light, dark choose what suits you the most.

App Actions for Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL

This feature was introduced in the first beta version of the Android P, but it was only working for Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. From this update, it works on the first generation of Google Pixel devices too. ‘App Actions’ suggest to you the parts of the app which you use the most.

Bigger recent apps when sliding

You can now see that recent apps are bigger when you’re swiping the gesture navigation pill/home button. You can also see that now you have more space for sliding between these apps as the pill uses almost the whole width of the device.

Smaller status bar icons

Notch is becoming a basic need of all smartphone, so Google reduced the size of status bar icons.

Call volume is now separate in the settings

You can now manually adjust the call volume by tapping the settings icon under the volume slider.

New icon for keyboard switcher

Navigation bar now features a new icon for switching keyboard when you’re typing.

New icon for Battery Saver when activated

As it turns out, Battery Saver also follows the new outline look of the icons in the latest beta of Android P. You can see the new icon after activating the following feature.

New icons in the Settings

You can also see the updated icons in the Settings, too.

and many more!

Why don’t you update your device and discover all of them!!

Source:- XDA


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