Buyer’s guide: Should I buy a Chromebook?

Hey, visitors welcome, so today I going explain whether you should buy Google a Chromebooks? I am going tell you what actually google Chromebook can do and what it can’t do.

What is a Chromebook?

Google released their Chromebook in 2011, it doesn’t contain Windows, Linux or MacOS, Google created their own OS for their Chromebooks which is ChromeOS, so here arises a question that what actually ChromeOS is?

So, basically ChromeOS is nothing but your Chrome browser as an operating system, all the addons will be there like software in other operating systems.

So, Chromebooks are the laptops which have ChromeOS as an Operating system. ChromeOS is generally very fast because they are lightweight. But wait, ChromeOS has many other features, which differs it from being just a browser like there’s a desktop environment similar to Windows, you can also use a Chromebook offline. There are more than 200 web apps that work offline for ChromeOS, and many Chromebooks now run Android apps.

So should I buy a Chromebook?

Yes, if you aren’t a gamer. ChromeOS doesn’t support gaming plus their hardware isn’t that powerful to handle gaming as Chromebooks are as cheap as Rs.10,000 – 20,000. There are other powerful Chromebooks but still, ChromeOS doesn’t support gaming!

Chromebooks are also not designed for graphic artists, you cannot work with your 3D designs.

But wait now let me tell you why you should get one!

So if you need a laptop just for some basic tasks like surfing Facebook, Youtube or Netflix, then you should get one because you will be able to surf these pretty well and you don’t have to spend 30,000-40,000 rupees just to surf the web.

Chromebooks are also a good option if you are a writer plus you will find most of the android apps available in Google Play Store which works pretty well with Chromebook and you can play Android Games in it.

So just buy which Chromebook suits you the most and soon we will provide a list that which Chromebook you should buy!

Just Stay tuned 😉

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