How to use Google Pay on Rooted phone?

Last Updated on December 25, 2021 by Vinay Kharayat

As you all know, the recent updates of Google’s Tez aka Google Pay, made it nearly impossible to use Google Pay on a rooted phone!

But nothing is impossible. Even if you pass the safety net and hide the root using Magisk, it still detects the root, and we can’t register. So if you wish to use Google Pay on your rooted device just follow the steps below!

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What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay online, in stores, and more. Book a trip, grab a meal, see a show, and enjoy new experiences – all without your wallet. Getting started on the web or with the app is easy. Just add a card, and you’re ready to go.

Shop smarter. Google Pay lets you keep everything you need to speed through checkout on your phone. Plus, the Home tab gives you all the information you need, right when you need it. See your recent transactions, find nearby stores, and enjoy access to rewards while you shop.

Encrypted and secured by Google. Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security, using one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures to help keep your account safe. And when you pay in stores, Google Pay uses an encrypted number instead of your actual card number, so your real card details stay safe.

Go with just your phone. From daily commutes to cross-country flights, you can go anywhere with Google Pay. Simply save your tickets and transit passes, use your phone at the gate, and go.

Google Pay is available on all non-rooted Android devices (Lollipop 5.0+).

Instructions for Google Pay work on rooted phone:-

Method 1: How to use GPay on rooted phone?

  • Open settings.
  • Go to Apps and search for Google Play Services.
  • Go to permissions and turn off the “Telephone Services
  • Now open Google Pay and register 🙂

[New trick] Method 2: How to use GPay on rooted device 2021?

  • First off all install Magisk V21 in your android device.
  • Open magisk settings and Enable magisk hide.
  • Now tap on “Hide Magisk Manager“, enter any random name or put your own name to be safe.
  • Now flash MagiskHidePropsConf.
  • Make sure you are passing Basic integrity and CTS (Fix it).
  • Find Google Play services in MagiskHide and select all the options.
  • Now also hide GPay in MagiskHide.
  • Try opening Gpay now.

Magisk hide google pay 2020-2021:-

I wrote the above method a long time ago. Since if you are still facing issues like “Google Pay cannot be used on this device” or “Sorry your device isn’t passing Google Pay’s security checks“, follow some new tips to make Google Pay work with root/magisk. You can also follow these steps if you are looking for a method to use Google Pay with an unlocked bootloader.

  • Make sure latest version of magisk (Magisk V21 is preferred) is installed in your rooted phone. (Always download from official GitHub link.
  • Go to about phone section and search for SELinux mode. Make sure it is set to Enforcing, instead of Permissive.
  • Install SafetyPatch magisk module through magisk manager.
  • If you are using XPOSED, uninstall it.
  • Go to magisk manager setting → Select Hide Magisk Manager.
  • Make sure your SafetyNet is passing (fix it), try changing Custom ROM. Sometimes its ROMs fault.

Magisk Safetynet fix 2021

I guess you are failing the Magisk Safetynet check even after flashing MagiskHidePropsConf. This could be because some of the magisk modules are interfering with Systemless Root. So in order to confirm this issue, follow these steps:-

  • Download “Native root checker“.
  • Hide root for Native root checker, do the tests.
  • If you are failing “Dangerous Props” test then you will have to disable each module one by one and test again until to find the culprit.

Sometimes you will fail the safety net this could be because of Custom ROM or Custom Kernel that you are using. Try changing the custom ROM or signup in all banking apps before rooting.

Pass Safety net test on ported ROMs

Usually, custom Roms we use are specifically compiled for our devices but sometimes if our Android phone is not popular and we don’t have developers who can compile custom Roms from source or our device doesn’t have open source then in those cases we need to port custom Roms in our device. For those ported custom ROMs sometimes we fail SafetyNet check. Follow the steps below to fix SafetyNet Checks on ported custom ROMs

  • Enable magisk hide on Magisk Manager.
  • Install MagiskHidePropsConf module.
  • Download termux from google play store.
  • Open termux and type “su” give root access.
  • Now type “props” and press enter.
  • Type “1” and press enter.
  • Again type “f” and press enter.
  • Type “7” and press enter, “22” and press enter, “1” and tap enter.
  • Type “y” and press enter,”y” again and press enter.

Now reboot your device, hopefully, now you have passed SafetyNet on your ported custom ROMs.

Tip: Sometimes Magisk Safety net checks show pass but still you can’t use any banking apps in your rooted android device. To double-check you are actually passing SafetyNet checks, try installing the SafetyNet Test application from the google play store and confirm there too.

This should work and still if you are facing any issue you can comment down below and I will find a solution for you guys. Till then see you! Keep visiting androboot <3.

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    • Some issue with automatically detecting OTPs on verification but u can enter that manually. Some apps like ola won’t open keyboard so just enable telephone service and disable it after verification


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