5 killer tips to improve battery!

“Connect Charger! The battery is getting low”, are you getting this alert box too frequent? You are not getting enough SOT(Screen on time) that’s why you are here. If you are not getting enough SOT and you are blaming device manufacturer or the battery, you need to stop doing that and start looking at the way you use your Android device.

Good battery backup is what you expect from your Android device. But in order to get a good battery backup, you need to understand, mostly it’s you who is the reason behind all this trouble. No, I’m not blaming you but most of us don’t know how to take care of the battery.

5 killer tips to improve battery: In this article, I will tell you some of the unnoticed or unfamiliar tips to get the most juice out of your battery. Stick with this article and if you liked it, please comment below or share my post 🙂

1. Mobile Data

Yeah, this is the hidden culprit who is just sucking most of your battery! As JIO revolutionised the Telecom Industry by providing us with almost unlimited data, we just forgot that we can turn mobile data off when not in use. Most of us (including me) keep data turned on 24×7, which affects our SOT a lot and in order to improve it, we need to keep it off when not in use.

2. Overcharging

With our busy schedule, we hardly get time to charge our phone during the day time, so we just charge it overnight. Although nowadays Mobile manufactures provide the auto-cut feature, it won’t just unplug your charger right? Many of you won’t agree to this, but overcharging do affects your battery life because when our phone’s battery reaches 80% or above, it produces more heat, and heating causes lithium-ion batteries to age faster.

3. Environment

By environment here, I didn’t mean to include nature and all, but I was pointing out to the exact place where your phone is. What I want to say is, when you charge your phone, you need to check where you put it. Try to avoid covering it with the pillow or anything. Because I noticed it many times when we cover our device it keeps on heating up because there is no place for heat to escape, which causes the device to drain the battery even faster.

4. Brightness

The brightness of the screen matters a lot for SOT. Many of us keep their brightness to full or half all the time. You need to stop doing that, either keep it to auto or adjust it manually and keep it as low as possible which is recommended for your eyes and battery. Setting brightness to auto all the time is not a good suggestion, as it is not battery friendly. Set your brightness to auto only when you are outdoor.

5. Updates

You should be more careful with the updates. Updates are meant to improve the device’s performance but not always. In some cases, some updates might cause issues like battery drain. So before updating your device ask other users about the latest update and proceed accordingly.


If you are facing too much battery drain try resetting your device once, sometimes it fixes memory leaks and other problems.

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