Why should we mask our IMEI number?

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by Vinay KharayatThe IMEI number or in other words International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit code that precisely identifies the device with the SIM card input.

Why IMEI number is important?

The SIM card is associated with the user and can be swapped from phone to phone, a method is needed to keep track of the hardware itself, and that’s why the IMEI was developed.

The Structure of an IMEI Number

IMEI numbers either come in a 17 digit or 15 digit sequences of numbers. The IMEI format currently utilized is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D:

  • AA: These two digits are for the Reporting Body Identifier, indicating the GSMA approved group that allocated the TAC (Type Allocation Code).
  • BBBBBB: The remainder of the TAC (FAC)
  • CCCCCC: Serial sequence of the Model (SNR)
  • D: Luhn check digit of the entire model or 0 (This is an algorithm that validates the ID number) (CD)

How to check for IMEI?

Dial *#06# on keypad of your Android device to know your IMEI number. Take screenshot and keep it safe somewhere!

Why making IMEI number public is not safe?

If someone has your IMEI, he/she can easily spoof their original IMEI with yours. By doing this he will be able to change the hardware information of his/her cellphone like device name, model etc. And tracking that device will become more harder. Changing IMEI isn’t a big deal and if that device is involved with any illegal activity, by tracking the IMEI number police might knock at your door!

How to avoid mishappening?

  • Whenever you share the picture of your cellphone on internet, make sure you hide the most or complete IMEI number.
  • Never share your IMEI with anyone unknown!
  • While giving your phone for repairing make sure you hide the IMEI number.




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