Want to buy a gaming android smartphone, here is what you need to know?

Last Updated on February 27, 2022 by Vinay Kharayat

“Hey attack, he is at your back!!!!”, “Sorry yaar, lag ho gya!”. Have you faced this issue of lagging in PUBG or Call of Duty which made you lose the game? Now thinking that you need a new gaming Android device to beat the mortal or souls? But you aren’t geeky enough to understand some tech words like RAM, OS, GPU, Rendering, etc?

Don’t worry, your nerd friend is here to rescue you! So, first of all, I would like to suggest you, if you are thinking of buying a new gaming Android device just because of some trendy games like PUBG or COD and maybe after they are out of trend, you will just call by that phone. Then don’t do this, don’t buy a new gaming Android device just for a game. But if you love playing games, not like temple run or subway surfers, I mean some high-ended games like Modern Combat, Dead effect, or maybe some PSP games, then stick with this post!

Tips you need before buying an Android gaming device:-

Spend More Cash

Believe me, you need to spend a good amount of money if you want an Android smartphone that will be capable of handling new upcoming games for the next few years. If you will stick with a tight budget then you must have to change the Android device every year to make new high-end games word flawlessly.

Good CPU

Now this is debatable, though I am a Snapdragon fan, in some cases, some Mediatek processors perform well. So I will tell you which processor you need to choose. Below is the table with the increasing performance of gaming (from left to right) of each processor. Make sure the device which you want to buy has one of these.

450, 636, 630, 660, 665, 670, 675, 710, 712, 730, 730G, 835, 845, 850, 855, 8cxHelio P25, X20, X25, P23, X23, P30, P35, X27, P60, P70, P65, X30, P90, G90, G90T710, 960,970, 810, 980, 990

Good GPU

Though in mobile, GPU and CPU are usually attached. In the above table, I mentioned some CPUs that have a good GPU by default but still if you want to pick a better GPU, I am providing you the list of the popular GPUs Adreno, Mali, and PowerVR. Below is the table with the increasing performance of gaming (from left to right) of each GPU. Make sure the device which you want to buy has one of these.

420, 418, 430, 506, 508, 509, 512, 610, 615, 612, 616, 618, 530, 540, 640, 630, 680T860 , T760 , T880, G71, G76 3EEMC4, G72, G52, G76,7XTP-MT4, 7XT GT7600, 7XT GT7600 Plus

More amount of RAM

The more RAM the better performance! A minimum of 3GB is required in order to get a good FPS.

Better OS

Now, this is what most people don’t know about. Actually, it’s important which operating system your device is running upon. Obviously not android. Huh?

I mean there are different modified versions of Android like Oxygen OS, MIUI, Color OS, etc. Make sure your device has a stock Android operating system as it is believed stock android has the best memory management. MIUI or color OS might be good for looks or theming but here we need good performance which we get in stock android. The only exception of modified android OS is OxygenOS which is believed to provide better performance than stock android. But better stick with stock android.

Software tweaking

So this is a bit more advance. There are various ways to improve the performance of your device, like by installing a custom kernel. A kernel is software that helps OS to communicate with your hardware. Just google stuff about changing kernel for your device. For the time being only snapdragon processors supports custom kernel.

So this is it for now. Make sure you keep in mind the above tips when you choose a new Android phone. What do you think about this post please tell us in the comment.

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