How to download WhatsApp status without using third party Applications | WhatsApp status download trick | WhatsApp status without asking friend

Hello my friends, today I will show you a very simple trick about How to download WhatsApp status without using third party Applications. So there could be various other methods out there but this one is easiest and it does not require you to use any other 3rd party application.

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In this post I will provide you two methods, one with the third party application and other one without it.

Method 1: Using third party application.

There are many applications which will fulfill your requirement, you just need to follow the following steps properly:-

  • First go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for “WhatsApp status downloader”.
  • Now just install the any application with good rating and review.
  • One I could suggest you is Status Saver by shree ganesha lab.

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Method 2: Without using any third party application.

So many people don’t trust third party application. That’s okay I don’t trust either, for all those who don’t want to use any other application can follow the steps provided below.

  • First open any file manager.
  • Go to WhatsApp>Media .
  • Now in the top right corner there are 3 vertical dots (menu).
  • Click on it and choose “Show hidden files”.


  • Now there will be new folder named “.Statuses”.


  • Open this folder and sort by date. Now you can see all the status uploaded by your friends.

Note: To show hidden files please explore your file manager as this option can be in settings of the application or somewhere else. If you still cannot file this option you can download “MI File Manager“. The above steps works best with MI File Manager.

That’s it for now guys, I hope you enjoyed this article. Drop a comment to show your support.

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