How to fix the eac3 audio format in the MX player?

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Vinay Kharayat

Hello everyone. So by default MX player does not support eac3 audio format. If you have downloaded the video with eac3 audio format and try to run it in MX player you will get a toast message saying “This audio format (EAC3) is not supported”. I have provided two easy ways to fix this issue.

Note: This post is for educational purpose, we don’t support piracy.

In the MX video player, you must have faced no audio issue. Means audio is not coming no matter what you do. It is because by default the EAC3 audio is not supported by the MX player. Also, this is not the issue of the file formats, so even if you try to download different file formats like MKV, MP4 if they have EAC3 audio the video won’t play any sound in the MX player. You will see a little toast message showing, “This audio format (EAC3) is not supported.” if to try to play those videos. This is because, by default, the MX player does not provide a codec for some audio formats, but you can download and load them.

eac3 not supported mx player

What is EAC3 audio format?

EAC3 which is also called the enhanced AC-3 is a digital audio compression format that was developed by Dolby Labs to store and transport digital audio. It succeeded AC-3 which is another format developed by the same company.

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How to solve EAC3 audio not supported error?

Follow these two solutions to fix the EAC3 audio format not working in the MX player.

Solution 1: Easy way to fix no audio issue in MX player

  1. Download VLC media player from playstore.
  2. Now open your file manager and locate the downloaded file.
  3. Click on it and use VLC media player to play the video.

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Solution 2: Hard way to fix EAC3 audio format issue in MX player

  1. Visit Scroll down you will find many codecs.
  2. Find and download it.
    eac3 not supported mx player
  3. First, you have to open the MX player app. Then, tap on the three-dots given on the right-top corner of the screen.
  4. Follow Settings>> Decoder from the menu that pops up.
  5. Now click on it and find previously downloaded file.
  6. This will fix EAC3 audio format issue in the MX player.

That’s it guys, now you can play the video with EAC3 format on your Android device. Thank you for visiting!

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