Best keyboard for programmers in 2020

Choosing the best keyboard for programmers can be tricky. Keyboard is one of the essential part of the computer. For programmers, developers or gamers it is the most important peripheral device.

Choosing a good keyboard can be difficult. There are many questions come to our mind like “Should I buy wireless keyboard?”, “Should I buy a keyboard with numpad?”.

If you are a gamer then you shouldn’t buy wireless keyboard because there is slight delay between wired keyboard and wireless keyboard, that can affect your gaming performance. I will write a separate article for gamers as this article is specially for programmers, developers, hackers or coders.

Portronics Key2-A Multimedia Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

In my opinion, this keyboard is pretty handy and looking amazing. If you use a laptop to do your work then this is the best keyboard for programmers. Portronics Key2-A Multimedia Wireless Keyboard has small width which makes it perfect for working from couch or bed.

Product Description:

Key2 an innovative and next gen combo of stylish and ergonomically designed mini wireless keyboard & a mouse which gives you freedom from long clumsy wires and a cluttered workspace. The keyboard saves space as it is NOT a FULL-SIZE KEYBOARD and it DOESN’T have a 10-key number pad. Designed for business travel it is easy to carry into your bag. Scissor switch key structure provides resilient, quiet and comfortable typing experience even for long hours improving your productivity levels. The keyboard thickness is ONLY 1.5 cm and only weight of 366 g which maintains it a very sleek and elegant keyboard appearance. It uses 2 X AA batteries and saves power by automatically going into sleep mode if not used for more than 3 minutes.

Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard

If you own a desktop and looking for an awesome keyboard for gaming or programming, I would suggest you Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard. This is best keyboard for programmers if you have desktop setup.

Product Description:

The new Xcite Pro keyboard from Amkette comes with special shortcut keys for quick and easy access to all the popular multimedia and internet functions. With the spill resistant keyboard design and soft feel keys. Amkette Xcite PRO Keyboard provides the supreme comfort and ultimate typing experience.

Lapcare D Lite Plus Wired Mini Keyboard

If you have a tight budget and doesn’t care about wired or wireless. Lapcare D Lite Plus Wired Mini Keyboard is something you should definitely look at. Its simple and small design makes it easy to handle and doesn’t eat up your space.

Product Description:

Lapcare introduces a universal & ergonomically designed keyboard, bundled with a host of new contemporary features. It’s a great combo of style, quality and technology. With user-friendly contours and 87 soft keys, this keyboard gives you a relaxing work experience. It uses the membrane technology that gives silent key operations, cushioning effect to your fingers and hence adds comfort for prolonged working. D-Lite+ Multimedia Mini keyboard does not require any driver and hence can be installed to any desktop or laptop. The space bar and the enter keys have an improved quality for extended service life. The Dlite plus measures 287 x 127.5 x 28 cm so it can go well in places where space is premium without sacrificing on comfort

Rapoo 8000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you are looking for something like Lapcare D Lite Plus Wired Mini Keyboard but willing to spend more for features like durability and wireless, Rapoo 8000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo would be a perfect fit for you. This keyboard is durable and light weighted which makes it the best keyboard for programmers at this price range.

Product description:

RAPOO 8000 has trendy design and runs on a reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection for a smooth and interference-free mobile experience. Latest energy-saving technology ensures uninterrupted use for up to 12 months of Battery life. Fully plug-and-play which connects and works instantly once the USB receiver is plugged into the computer. The mouse with high precision 1000 DPI invisible tracking engine ensures responsive and smooth cursor control, letting you control your computer with ease and joy. Mini keyboard with multimedia/function keys convenient from palm to finger.

Dark Edge Retro Quiet Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

If you are looking for something unique and willing to pay a good amount, Dark Edge Retro Quiet Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo is something you should definitely consider. Its unique design, light weight and soft touch is worth its price.

Product description:

Fashion & whisper quiet design. Full-sized 97 round chiclet key caps with glossy and smooth edge technology and fresh color brighten up your device and your desk. Sleek keyboard and mouse with low profile whisper-quiet keys delivering comfortable and smooth typing.

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I wrote this article after reviewing and using them for 5-6 months. Keep visiting for more amazing articles!

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