5G radiation effects, symptoms & prevention.

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Finally, 5G is here, and obviously, there are many benefits it will bring to our life. But at which cost? You must be worried about “5G radiation poisoning“, “5G radiation sickness“, “5G radiation symptoms“, “5G tower radiation levels, etc“. In this article I will cover which 5G phones are safer to use and how can you reduce your exposure to radiation.

Radiation emitted by our cell phones made many birds extinct because of these radio waves interfering with their mechanism to find the way back home, this is how 5G radiation affects birds. 5G runs at frequencies of about 28 GHz and 39GHz.

Highest SAR value in India and USA is 1.6W/KG (Head+Body) but in Germany its 2.0W/KG.

What is SAR value?

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate of RF energy absorption by the body from the source. But having a 5G cell phone with a low SAR value doesn’t mean it will be less harmful. The amount of radiation emitted by your cell phones may vary, like your phone settings, battery, location, etc.

5G radiation symptoms

To be honest the level of 5G radiations won’t affect you to even cause any symptoms. Radiation symptoms will be shown when you are exposed to very high radiation for a very small-time. Radio Frequency Radiations are not only emitted by artificial sources but also from natural sources. Artificial sources like mobile phones, wireless networks such as Wi-Fi, cordless phones, police, and fire department radios, point-to-point links, and satellite communications all produce RF EMR (Radio Frequency Electromagnetic radiations). Other sources of RF fields include microwave ovens, radar, industrial heaters and sealers, and various medical applications.

You won’t see any symptoms if you are young but if you have been into low radiation for more time some symptoms you may face Uncontrolled hypertension, also known as high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases. So you have to keep your heart healthy.

How to avoid 5G? | 5G radiation prevention

Though there are no proper studies to say any type of high risk from 5G radiation still there are some prevention you should follow if there are kids and old people in your home.

Small kids might be more vulnerable as the world is adopting wireless technology. They may even get exposed to radiation throughout their life, and we should do our part to reduce the impact on them by following small measures.

Countries that have banned 5G

Some countries which will not have 5G by Chinese vendors are:-

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Czech Republic
  • Europe
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Here are some of the guidelines on “how to protect yourself from 5G radiation?” :-

Hands free

Wired headset, especially a “hollow tube” headset you can buy from e-commerce websites, these headphones use hollow tubes rather than wires to handle sound. But even a Bluetooth wireless headset will reduce your radio-frequency radiation exposure by several thousandfolds.

Here are some of the hollow tube wired earphones suggestions which you can buy to reduce the radiation (links work only for Indian visitors)

Social distancing with phone

Try to keep your phone away from the body. Put it in a bag or purse, do not put it inside your pocket for too long. When you are calling someone uses earphones or headphones and put your phone away from you. Even a few inches will reduce the radiation exposure.

Chat more instead of calling someone. Keep your phone away from your head this will reduce radiation exposure.

Make your phone fly

Try to keep your phone in airplane mode. If you have a habit of keeping your mobile phone below your pillow during nighttime. If that is not possible then switch it to 2G mode and keep your phone fully charged. In a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, it is found that 3G radiation is more damaging than 2G radiation. When a cell phone’s signal strength is weak or blocked, it has to work harder and hence emits more radiation. Try to avoid keeping the phone inside your bedroom.

Don’t give cell phones to young children as toys or pacifiers. If you sometimes let your child play games on your cell phone, put it into airplane mode, so it won’t search for a signal which means it won’t emit radiation.

Also turn off you Wi-Fi router when you are not using Internet or during night.

Phone with low SAR value

Though low SAR value alone isn’t much effective as keeping your phone away from your body does but still it is a better choice to buy a phone with low SAR value. SAR value is divided into two section Head and Body. I don’t exactly know what this means but according to me, as we know SAR is the rate of absorption so Head SAR means absorption by our head and Body SAR means absorption by our body. So if you do more calling then you can opt for a phone with low Head SAR.

But if you usually use the phone for social media or listening to songs keeping it near the body then choose a phone with low Body SAR. This information could be incorrect as I shared this by my own intelligence so if you would like to correct it, please let us know by commenting below.

Phone NameSAR Value (Body)SAR Value (Head)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G1.47 W/KG0.338 W/KG
Apple iPhone 120.99 W/KG0.99 W/KG
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro0.996 W/KG0.574 W/KG
OnePlus 8T1.24 W/KG0.94 W/KG


So now we know how to prevent ourselves from the radiations emitted by our cell phones. Although, this doesn’t mean cell phones are too dangerous nowadays we are too much dependent on these devices that we can’t avoid them. But taking certain actions we can reduce the exposure to radiation emitted by our cell phones. Low SAR value alone doesn’t mean you will get less radiation than others, it is all about how we are using them. Also, only Artificial sources don’t emit Radio Frequency radiation but natural sources emit RF EMR.

Also, our scientists work hard to develop technologies to reduce the bad impact.

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