What’s the best budget laptop for a CS student 2020?

Are you a computer science student looking for the best laptop for your budget? You must be wondering, “What’s the best laptop for a CS student?” This article won’t suggest you laptops but will guide you on what features you should look in a laptop if you are a student of IT field. This includes students of Computer Application, IOT or CS.

As myself being a student of CA, I always wondered or asked seniors, what are the minimum requirement we need in a laptop. So, read this article and learn the minimum requirements and buy yourself a perfect laptop!

You can also follow this guide if you are planning to buy a second hand laptop.

Specification for the best laptop for a CS student:-

In my opinion, you should look for laptops which are not much powerful but should have a decent battery life. Almost all IDEs will work perfect with a budget laptop including Eclipse, Android Studio. Read the specifications below and find the best laptop for a CS student!


I think a minimum of 8 GB RAM is sufficient for all IDEs. Look for a laptop which has 8 GB of RAM and has 2 RAM slots. Just in case, if you need more RAM you can add another 4 GB making it a total of 12 GB, which is just perfect enough to run Firefox, Android Studio, GIMP together without lagging.

But a laptop with 8 GB RAM and Intel processor within ₹30,000 (USD $450) is hard to find, so you can buy a 4 GB RAM laptop with 2 RAM slots and buy another 8 GB RAM that will cost you hardly ₹4000 (USD $50). But you can find plenty of AMD Laptops within this range.



If you are opting for Intel, Intel i3 processors can make it work without much problem. To be more accurate look for a processor with processing speed of at least 2.40GHz or above. But if you’re looking for a bit of gaming you should consider i5, but I won’t recommend it because you will waste a lot of time in gaming.

Note: Intel Laptops are costly. So if your budget is strictly between ₹20,000-₹30,000 (USD $280-420) you have to consider AMD laptops.


If you are a fan of AMD you should consider laptops with AMD A6. I suggested this processor because we are looking for the budget laptops that are strictly around ₹20,000-₹30,000 (USD $280-420) price range.

Hard Disk

Now you must be wondering, “Do I need SSD or HDD?”. I think it doesn’t matter much. You are buying a laptop so you can’t have SSD and HDD both. I know about removing a disk reader trick but nowadays most laptops don’t come with a disk reader. So we won’t consider this option.

So if you need SSD make sure it’s at least 240 GB or up. There are two reasons for this:-

  • It will have more space than 120 GB, obviously?
  • It’s faster.

If you are considering HDD then 500 GB or up is sufficient.

Graphic Card

Integrated Graphics are enough for programming. Extra graphics are used to render 3D images or video for gaming or animation. I won’t suggest you to look for extra graphics just programming. But if you are getting it within your price range then go for it.


Screen also hardly matters for programming. An extra inch won’t make any difference. 14-15 inches are good enough.

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Which brand?

Almost all brands have their own good points like Customer service, durability, age etc. Still if you are looking for specific brands then Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus are overall good brands.

Which Operating System?

It would be dumb to ask this. If you are pursuing an IT field then you must know you can change Operating System anytime.

My Suggestions:-

These are some of my suggestions containing all the features I mentioned above like 2 memory slots, 240 GB or up SSD etc. Go have a look and find your perfect match.

These links will work only for Indian users, please copy the name of the laptop and search it if you are not from India.


Dell Inspiron 3593 (~₹39,000) (HDD)

Dell Inspiron 3493 14-inch FHD Thin & Light Laptop (~₹38,000) (SSD)


Lenovo Ideapad S145 AMD A6-9225 (~₹28,000)(HDD)

Acer Aspire 3 A315-23 (~₹25,000) (HDD)

HP 15s eq0024au (~₹48,000) (SSD)

If you know any other laptop within budget please write its full name with model name in comments below to help a fellow reader!

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