Best magisk modules for gaming [2021]

If your device is rooted, and you are not getting enough out from your chipset processor. You can try installing these best Magisk Modules for gaming to get most out of your android smartphone.

What are magisk modules?

Magisk Modules means separate features that you can install in your phone according to your need and remove them without affecting other parts of your system. They are like small add-ons. It is mostly safe to install but always read the description of modules before installing them. The best Magisk modules for android gaming I suggested here will have a brief description and things you have to avoid to keep you out of trouble.

List of best magisk modules for gaming [2021]

These magisk modules can be installed with one click using magisk manager. Make sure you have unlocked bootloader and have Custom recovery or TWRP installed. Make sure your magisk modules are downloaded from official sources. I have provided official pling/Mediafire sources.


This magisk module improves performance and battery saving for your device. It automatically detects the best settings for your device by using algorithms. This module helps to improve PUBG Performance, but it is not only limited to PUBG.

If you are using a custom kernel then avoid using this magisk module because it may cause conflicts. It will be best to use it with the stock kernel or custom ROM’s default kernel.

Get more information about this module from its own NFS-Injector XDA forum.


Magnetar is mainly focused on removing lags and throttling. Throttling means when the device heats up it starts to lag more than usual, so Magnetar is focused on removing heating lags from your android device. You can join the Telegram group for more information and support from its developer. Visit Magnetar Telegram Group by clicking this link.

Note: Do not use this with NFS-Injector or you might get conflicts. Either disable NFS-Injector or Magnetar for better performance.

Improve Gaming Xperience

This module contains some build.prop tweaks for improving mobile gaming so it will work perfectly with NFS-Injector or Magnetar. You can either install Improve Gaming Xperience magisk module or add the following code at the end of your build.prop manually.

These property will enable tile rendering, utilise processing power and improve 3D performance.


Game Unlocker

Many times manufacturer underclock or modify Operating-system in a way that, prevents the processor to use its full functionality (for battery or overheating reasons). But having Root access i.e. a rooted phone we can overcome this limitation. Game Unlocker unlocks max games graphic and FPS for any game. Usually, it is used to unlock 90 FPS in PUBG but you can also use this for 120 FPS in mobile, Max settings for ASPHALT, Mobile legends, etc.

You can use this with other magisk modules.

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Conclusion for best magisk modules

Magisk helps a lot to improve performance for android mobile phones as it has capability to directly command kernel. Always keep a backup of your system. Although if you will uninstall magisk using magisk uninstaller it will unbrick if anything goes wrong. Never use multiple kernel altering modules as they may conflict and will reduce performance instead of improving performance.

Drop a comment it this post helped you, I will add more modules and will update this post. So make sure you enabled notification and you will get notified whenever I will update or post something fun. Till then see ya, have fun! 😉 <3.

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