How to record voice calls on Android Pie?

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Vinay Kharayat

Hey! I hope you are doing fine. So in today’s post, I brought you a method to record voice calls of both sides on Android Pie(9.0) or up. As we know in stock android we don’t get a voice call recording option, so I have found a voice call recorder for Android. If you want to turn off the announcement of Google dialer call recording, follow these steps.

Why call recording is not working?

I don’t know what’s wrong with Google. They keep on restricting access to many features of Android, because of that now theming Android devices is very much limited. Xposed Framework is almost dead, internal audio recording during screen recording is not possible and now you cannot even record voice/phone calls of another side until you are using some custom OS like Touchwiz (Samsung’s OS) or Color OS. This means now it’s kind of hard for any 3rd party apps to provide additional features to android.

Anyway, after searching for some time, I found a foolproof method to clearly record both sides’ voices. Let’s move to the trick!

Which is the best call recording app for android?

Best can only be one, right? No, in the case of android we have two types of users, one with the rooted android and another one with a non-rooted android device. Today I will suggest a voice call recorder for android that will suit both users.

Call recording app for Rooted phones

If you don’t know what a rooted android phone means, you should check the non-rooted method. This method will only work on a rooted device with magisk (didn’t check on other su apps). This call recorder for android pie or above works like a charm.

Steps to record voice call on Rooted phones:-

  • Download Call Recorder App developed by XDA member Skvalex.
  • Install it as a normal APK.
  • This application is not free, it may ask for the license after the free trial.

You can use the free trial to see if this android pie call recording app works for your android device.

Call recording for non-rooted device

This method is not much effective as the first one, but it works up to an extent and this application is completely free to use. I have provided two methods and both have their disadvantages, you can choose what suits you best.

Method 1: Super Backup & Restore

This does a pretty average job on recording voice calls on the android pie. It uses your phone speaker and microphone to listen to and record the voice of the receiver. To record a clear voice, you have to turn on your speaker, although it is not required.

Steps to record voice call on Non Rooted phones

  1. Download Super Backup & Restore application.
  2. Open it.
  3. As you will open it, you will see the ‘Call recorder’ option.
    voice call recorder
  4. Click on it. After that click on the green button with ‘OK’ written on it, in order to grant the required permissions.
    voice call recorder
  5. That’s it. Now it will automatically start recording calls.

Method 2: Phone by Google

This does a pretty good job but it has a disadvantage. It will notify both caller and receiver that their phone call is being recorded. And I am pretty much sure this is Google’s cheap tactic and in future the might release a pro version that won’t announce that “Your call is being recorded”. I mean seriously, Google? Let’s leave it for the future and jump into the steps.
Update: Now you can turn off the “Your call is being recorded” announcement. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to record voice call using the phone by google app

  1. Download The Phone by Google app from the Google play store.
  2. Change your default phone app to phone by google.
  3. Now every time you call someone you will have to turn on the call recording manually.

Turn off Google Dialer call recording announcement.

Google dialer is a good voice call recorder but it has one disadvantage. When you turn on recording Google dialer will tell the other person that “This call is being recorded”. To solve this issue follow these steps:-

  1. Go to the google play store and download the TTSLexx app.
  2. Go to your phone settings and find Text to Speech. Usually, this option is inside the Languages and Input section labeled as “Text-to-speech output”.
    google dialer call recording
  3. You will find the preferred engine option there and select TTSLexx as the preferred engine for “Text-to-speech”.
    google dialer call recording announcement off
  4. Now go to Apps and find Google Dialer/Phone by Google app and clear its data.
  5. That’s it, now the Google Dialer call recording announcement is turned off.

Which call recording app is best?

As I suggested, the Android Apps above are for recording phone calls, I suggested android applications for both rooted and non-rooted android. I like the Call recorder by Skvalex to most. It is a paid application but it does the job pretty well. Google dialer will be the second-best option but it notifies both parties that the call is being recorded (now you can turn off google dialer call recording announcement).

Can I record while on a call?

Yes, both call recorder by Skvalex and Google dialer has the feature to record while you are on a call.

Are the call recording apps safe?

The call recording apps I suggested are safe to use.

How to turn off Google Dialer call recording announcement?

Install TTSLexx from the google play store and set it as the preferred engine for Text-to-speech. Clear data of the Google dialer app and you are good to go.

Thanks for visiting guys! I hope my article helped you. Make sure to comment down below. See you!

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