How to root Chromebook ChromeOS v77 with Android 9?

Last Updated on February 27, 2022 by Vinay Kharayat

I have written a post previously on “How to root Chromebook? | Chrome OS rooting shell scripts.”, but after ChromeOS v77 update with Android 9 (Pie), we are facing issues like Android applications crashing after rooting Chromebook. This is because aroc project seems dead and there is no support for it anymore. But our beloved CerisWhite has come to the rescue and developed a script on top of aroc project and made it possible to root Chromebook with android 9.

We won’t be responsible if anything goes wrong. Please proceed at you own risk.


Project CrAnberry

CerisWhite called this project CrAnberry.

After update v77 of ChromeOS, the android subsystem was updated to version 9 (Pie) and nolirium’s aroc project no longer worked. This is a script heavily inspired by their initial work, but made much more simple, and with the restrictions of at least ARMv7 v84 in mind.

Steps to root Chromebook Android 9 with ChromeOS v77 or up :-

  1. Download CrAnBerry project from his official Github.
  2. Extract the zip using winrar and any other Archive Manager.
  3. Inside this you will find two scripts “” and “”.
  4. Copy “” to /usr/local/bin.
  5. After you done copying. Run the following command in crosh:
    sudo sh /usr/local/bin/
  6. Done.

This currently needs SELinux to be set to Permissive at all times. This is very vulnerable and insecure. There’s also no SU Manager installed in the system per this method as my (CerisWhite) testing so far has shown that it breaks the image, but I (CerisWhite) will probably (not) look into it again later on. Installing an SU manager also doesn’t work as it requires the system to be read-write to update the su files. Be very very careful about what code you run on your Chromebook.

Because the system cannot be mounted read-write, things that want to patch the system (Lucky Patcher android patches, Xposed, etc.) will not work. Other root apps (GameGuardian, SB Game Hacker) will work just fine, though!

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