How to delete other files in MIUI?

Welcome guys! In today’s article, I will show you two methods by which you can delete other files in Xiaomi MIUI 12 or any other android device. Read the whole article properly and you will be able to free up your disk space up to 50%.

What are other files in MI storage?

Other files in Xiaomi storage

You must have seen other files in the Storage space section of your MIUI setting or any other OS that you have. No matter how many times you click on Clear and try to clear the files you won’t find any change in this one. Actually, this other storage contains data like backups, thumbnails, app cache memory, etc. So let’s move to the methods by which you can clean this data.

How to delete other files in android?

Although this article might have mentioned MIUI, this method will work perfectly for any Android phone and OS. This method needs a 3rd party android cleaner.

  • Download SD maid from google play store. (You need SD maid pro for this job.)
  • After you have successfully downloaded SD maid, open the application
  • Go to quick access and click “Run Now”.
    how to delete other files in miui 11
  • It will automatically clear up some cache but wait, job is not done yet.
  • After this click on App cleaner. Click on the icon at bottom right corner.
    How to delete other files in MIUI 12
  • It will ask you to enable Accessibility because it will clean App cache of your mobile automatically.
    how to clear other storage on miui
  • Now sit back and let the App cleaner do its job.
  • After this follow the steps to delete old MIUI backups.
  • Voila you have successfully deleted other files on android.

Android has restricted apps from accessing, changing or deleting files of other apps (for security reasons), that’s why app cache cleaners don’t work efficiently. You will have to open each app and clear the cache manually. But with SD maid pro will automate this process for you.

How to delete other files in MI Storage?

The method mentioned above will need SD maid pro. But if you can’t afford to purchase you can clear the data manually. Just follow these steps.

  • Open file manager and go to settings.
  • Enable “Show Hidden Files”.
  • Now open File Manager > MIUI > Gallery > Trashbin and delete all the files.
  • Download Storage Analyzer from Google play store.
  • Go to File Categories > Others.
  • Delete the contents of ” File and ‘0’ file. Do NOT delete obb and data file.
  • Clear the cache of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.
  • Delete your backups.

Tip: Please check Telegram media and WhatsApp media. Sometimes they cache up alot of images. In my case Telegram had ~10GB of the video and images.

How to delete backups in Android?

  • Open settings and search for “Backup and Restore”.
  • Open it and go to settings.
  • Click on “Manage Backups” and delete OLD backups.
    delete miui backups
  • Done!!

I hope this post helped you clean other files and free up a lot of space. Just do me a favor and drop a comment below if this post helped you. Stay happy!! 🙂

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