How to mass unsubscribe from emails?

Last Updated on March 1, 2022 by Vinay Kharayat

Hello and welcome to androboot! I am glad you are here and I know why you are here, umm let me guess, are you here because your primary inbox is filled up with tons of marketing, spam emails. You can’t find or you miss the important emails you were looking for? Now you need a simple and efficient way to mass unsubscribe from emails on Gmail? Yeah, right? I am sort of a magician myself. Anyway, let’s move to the way by which you can easily unsubscribe from emails in bulk.

Is there a way to mass unsubscribe from emails?

Yes definitely, you can mass unsubscribe from emails. I have provided steps to show you how you can mass unsubscribe from emails and free your Gmail application from those unneeded emails.

How to stop unwanted emails in gmail?

When we signup on to websites using our email, we “unknowingly” subscribe to their mailing list. Although there is an option to uncheck it we just ignore it as we do for Terms and Conditions.

During my college, I applied for some companies during the placement season. Till that point, I only used email for signing up and “unknowingly” also subscribing or opting in for newsletters and updates from that website where I was signing up. There were so many marketing emails and spam emails in my inbox I could hardly find any important email. Because of this, I missed some internships and from that point, I kept my email clean. Okay, enough of the chit chat let’s move to the steps to unsubscribe from emails on Gmail in bulk.

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Steps to mass unsubscribe from emails?

This method will work if you want to mass unsubscribe from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, AOL. You will have to signup one by one using all your email addresses if you have more than one email.

  • First of all visit this website.
  • Signup using your email.
  • Signup with the email you want to clean.
    unroll me signup
  • After successfully signing up you will see your total subscriptions.
    mass unsubscribe from emails
  • Now just find the unrelevant email subscription and click on unsubscribe. After successfully unsubscribing you will see a success note.
    mass unsubscribe from outlook
  • Thats it guys. This is how you can mass unsubscribe from the spam emails.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list (We won’t spam your email :p).

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  1. Interesting method that should help users mass unsubscribe to unwanted emails. Many companies that send email reminders to users have opt-out options that people should be aware of, too.


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