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Hello everyone welcome to Androboot has various tips and tricks for your Android smartphone. In today’s andropost(we will be using this term to refer article related to android tricks), we brought you the Realme 8 GCam APK. Here in this article, you will find the download link for the GCam for Realme 8 5G.

What is GCam or Google Camera Mod?

GCam/Google Camera Mod is a modified Google Camera app, also known as Pixel Camera. Google Camera is the stock camera app shipped on Nexus and Pixel phones from Google. Google's HDR+ technology enhances the picture quality, especially on low and mid-end phones.

Features include HDR+, portrait mode, motion photos, panorama, lens blur, 60fps video, slow motion, and more.

Because Google Camera wasn't designed to work on all phones, it's all a bit messy (read: why so many devs/ports), but a few developers try to make it compatible with a massive number of phones.

Don't blame Google if something doesn't work, after all this is not the official app. Keep in mind that GCam isn't open-source, so it's hard or even impossible to add new features.

Features of GCam/Google Camera Mod


When it comes to the Google camera features, HDR+ has a significant role in photography, by using this feature, the shutter is meant to be pressed for 5- 15 frames to get the most fantastic shot through it.

HDR+ Enhanced

This unique feature in Google camera gives out the results like the Smart HDR from Apple by using the overexposed and underexposed frames, so isn’t it fascinating that you can even use the apple features in your android as well.

Motion picture

One of the OG features of the Google camera is that it can even provide the features of motion pictures, just like Apple’s live photos. This is one of the overwhelming features of the google camera, in my view.

Video Stabilization

If you are a videographer, you guys must know how important it is to make a stabilized video, and just for that, most people must be using Gimble for that. But now you can save some huge bucks of your money because Gcam got your back by introducing another OG feature in it by providing stabilization.

Super Res zoom

This feature shifts the image’s resolution to the next level, and this feature gives out drizzling image processing.

Compatibility and requirements for GCam/Google Camera Mod

  • Only works on Android phones with the camera2 API enabled
  • Mod compatible with modern Snapdragon SoCs. Some versions work on some Exynos, Kirin, and Mediatek phones, but usually with limitations.
  • ARM64, only very old versions (GCam 4) support 32 bit
  • Recent APKs may not work on older Android versions
  • Requires GApps or a replacement like microG (more info)
  • Android only

Does Realme 8 support GCam?

Yes, definitely Realme 8 5G supports Google Camera. You can also do astrophotography, HDR+, config installation, and other cool stuff with Realme 8 GCam. We have provided stable Google Camera and config files for Realme 8, these GCams are tested by the Realme 8 community.

To download and install the Realme 8 Google Camera Mod just follow these steps:-

  • Uninstall any previous GCam installed in your device.
  • Download Realme 8 Google Camera from the links below.
  • Install APK like the normal APK files.
  • Install config files (Follow these steps).
NameGCam 7.3 Burial Beta
Application Size~55MB
Config Download LinkRealme 8 GCam Config
Last Updated onJune 28, 2021
Google Camera for Realme 8 5G

How to install Google Camera config in Realme 8 5G?

Google Camera Configs can improve the picture quality of the Google Camera by a great margin. Just follow these steps to download and install the Google Camera config file in Realme 8.

  • Download the Realme 8 Google Camera Config file.
  • Open your file manager and go to GCam/Configs7/Burial10.
  • Thats it. Enjoy Google Camera Mod for Realme 8.

Here are some more Realme 8 GCam APK download links. If links do not work for you, let me know I will provide the mirror links too 🙂

Google Camera ModDownload Links
trCamera Spring ReleaseGCam APK
PixelCam FEGCam APK | Config
NGCam 7.4GCam APK | Config
Google Camera Mod for Realme 8


Google Camera can unlock the true potential of your camera sensor. RAW support, Astrophotography, HDR+Enchanced are some amazing features you must try if you like mobile photography. If you find any broken links just comment down below and we will update them ASAP.

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