How to speed up Google Chrome Browser in MAC/Windows/Linux?

Last Updated on July 18, 2023 by Vinay Kharayat

Hello visitor! Thank you for visiting I hope you are having a good day, allow me to make it better by fixing your Google Chrome web browser. Today, I have brought you some tips and tricks to speed up your Google Chrome. The methods mentioned below will speed up your slow Google Chrome. They will work with all operational systems, whether you have Windows 8, 10, or 11, Mac OS, or the mighty Linux. This trick and Google Chrome add-on will speed up slow video loading, downloads, or normal web surfing in Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

You can use all these methods mentioned below in order to improve the overall performance of your Google Chrome browser or Google Chrome OS.

Method 1: Speed up Google Chrome using Chrome Flag Settings

Follow these steps to speed up slow Google Chrome without using an add-on or extension. Enabling these 7 Google Chrome flags will significantly improve the speed and performance of your Google Chrome browser. By implementing these simple tweaks, you can experience a notable increase in browsing speed and efficiency.

What is a Google Flag?

Google flags are experimental features of Google Chrome. Experimental features are those features that are being tested by Google. These features may come by default in future Google Chrome updates. Also, these flags will keep on changing so make sure you visit this article from time to time in order to get new flags. If you are using the old Google Chrome web browser you might not find some of these flags, so make sure you are using the latest Google Chrome browser or Chrome OS.

  1. Open your Google Chrome web browser.
  2. In the URL address bar paste this chrome://flags/
  3. You will see a screen like this one.
    Google Chrome Flags
  4. Now search for “GPU rasterization”.
  5. Enable GPU rasterization. This option will help you load images/videos faster if you have a good GPU.
  6. Now search for “Parallel downloading”
  7. Enable Parallel downloading. This will speed up downloads in Google Chrome.
  8. Now search for “Destroy Profile on browser close” and enable it.
  9. Search for “Turn off caching of streaming media to disk” and disable it.
  10. Find “Enable JXL image format” and enable it.
  11. Search for “Hardware decode acceleration for k-SVC VP9” and enable it.
  12. Find “Enables Display Compositor to use a new gpu thread” and enable it.
  13. Now click on Relaunch button at bottom right corner to reflect the changes.
    Speed up google chrome

After applying the above optimizations, you will see improved performance in your Google Chrome. The motive of the above optimizations is to reduce the load from the CPU and put GPU into work for Image and video rendering. If you feel lagging issues in your old computer you can ignore steps 4 and 12.

You can always disable these optimizations and revert to default settings by just clicking on Reset All button in case something goes wrong because they are just experimental features.

Method 2: Speed up Google Chrome using Chrome Add-on or Extension

Now we are going to utilize a beneficial Google Chrome Extension known as Web Boost. This extension is designed to enhance the performance of your internet browsing experience, including the ability to speed up video playback in Google Chrome on MAC OS, Windows or Linux. By optimizing various aspects, the Web Boost extension ensures that your videos load faster and play seamlessly. By incorporating this user-friendly extension into your Google Chrome, you will witness a significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of your web browsing activities, especially when it comes to video content. So, let’s dive into how to make the most out of this fantastic Google Chrome Extension named Web Boost!

What does Web Boost Google Chrome Extension do?

This extension, which functions as a Chrome add-on, applies clever caching techniques (which are not there in the browser by default) and blocks the stuff you do not need (ads and trackers). It effectively enhances your browsing experience by implementing smart caching methods that are not available in the browser natively, thus optimizing the loading speed of web pages. Additionally, it actively filters out unnecessary content such as advertisements and trackers, ensuring a more streamlined and uninterrupted browsing session. With its ability to speed up video, this Google Chrome extension becomes a valuable tool to speed up video streaming experience.

All of that makes web pages load noticeably faster! Free and Open Source software.

  • Visit the download page of Web Boost Google Chrome Extension.
  • Click on “Add to chrome” button to install the Web Boost add-on.
    web boost chrome extension
  • Now the extension will be installed and Web Boost will speed up slow Google Chrome web surfing.

Method 3: Use One Tab Chrome add-on

Now, if you are fond of keeping numerous tabs open without closing them, this could be one of the primary reasons for the sluggishness of your Chrome browser. Having multiple tabs open simultaneously can consume a significant amount of memory and processing power. It is recommended to limit the number of open tabs to improve the browser’s performance and speed. By closing unnecessary tabs, you will be able to speed up google chrome on mac, windows or linux by using this add-on.

  • Download One Tab Google chrome addon.
  • Now all your tabs are inside one tab and you can choose to open the one you want.
  • You can also use “Bring all tabs into OneTab” to bring new tabs inside one tab.


In conclusion, by following the methods mentioned above, you can significantly speed up your Google Chrome browser and enhance your browsing experience. Method 1, which utilizes Chrome flag settings, allows you to enable experimental features and optimize the performance of your browser. Method 2 introduces the Web Boost Chrome extension, which cleverly caches content and blocks unnecessary elements such as ads and trackers to improve page loading speed. Lastly, Method 3 suggests using the One Tab Chrome add-on to manage multiple tabs efficiently and reduce memory consumption. By implementing these techniques, you can enjoy a faster and more efficient browsing experience on Google Chrome, regardless of your operating system. Remember to periodically check for updates and adjust these settings to suit your specific needs.

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