How to Install YouTube ReVanced manager? [Root/Non-Root]

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Hey folks! Get ready to dive into the awesome world of Androboot! Today, I’ve got something super cool to share with you all. But before we jump right in, let’s take a moment to understand the importance of transition words. Transition words help to create flow and coherence in your writing, allowing your ideas to connect seamlessly. Now, buckle up and brace yourselves for a simple yet exciting guide on how to get YouTube Revanced using YouTube ReVanced Manager up and running on your Android device. It’s time to take your YouTube game to the next level! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

After discontinuation of YouTube Vanced, everyone was looking for the alternate to YouTube Vanced. This guide is made for all of you out there, whether you’re a tech wizard or just someone who loves exploring new stuff. We’ll go step by step, making sure you have a smooth and seamless installation process. Get ready to unlock a whole new set of features that will blow your mind!

So, get your devices ready and let’s embark on this adventure together. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make this installation a breeze. Let’s make YouTube Revanced your new go-to video app! Ready? Let’s go!

What is YouTube ReVanced?

YouTube ReVanced is an amazing app that brings a whole new level of functionality and customization to your YouTube experience on Android. It is an open-source modification of the official YouTube app, designed to enhance your viewing pleasure and increase your control over your content consumption.

One of the standout features of YouTube ReVanced is its ad-blocking capability. While the official YouTube app bombards you with advertisements that disrupt your viewing experience, YouTube ReVanced allows you to enjoy your favorite videos without any interruptions.

Another great feature of YouTube ReVanced is its ability to play videos in the background. With the official YouTube app, you are forced to keep the app open and on the screen in order to view to your favorite video. However, YouTube ReVanced lets you play videos in the background while you can continue using other apps or even turn off your screen. This means you can easily multitask without missing out on any great content.

Furthermore, YouTube ReVanced offers a range of customization options that allow you to tailor your YouTube experience to your liking. You can change the theme, customize the layout, and even tweak the player controls.

In addition to these features, YouTube ReVanced also provides the option to download videos for offline viewing. This comes in handy when you’re traveling, facing poor internet connectivity, or simply want to save your data. You can now save your favorite videos directly to your device and enjoy them even when you’re offline.

With all these incredible features and more, YouTube ReVanced truly revolutionizes the way you experience YouTube on your Android device. It offers a seamless and enhanced user interface, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content in a way that suits your preferences. Download YouTube ReVanced today and unlock a whole new world of possibilities for your YouTube journey.

YouTube Revanced Features

  • Always repeats the currently playing video for continuous playback.
  • Spoofs the client to allow playback of restricted content.
  • Hides components related to comments for a cleaner viewing experience.
  • Adds convenient buttons in the player to easily copy video links.
  • Customizes the YouTube launcher icon and name, defaults to ReVanced.
  • Disables playing YouTube Shorts upon app launch.
  • Prevents forced captions from being automatically enabled.
  • Disables video description and comments panel in fullscreen view mode.
  • Disables panels from appearing automatically in fullscreen mode (playlist or live chat).
  • Turns off haptic feedback when zooming on the screen.
  • Includes additional debugging options for troubleshooting.
  • Enables the option to download and save YouTube videos using an external app.
  • Adapts HDR video brightness to match the system’s default settings.
  • Hides components specific to YouTube Shorts for a streamlined interface.
  • Removes general ads that appear during video playback.
  • Suppresses the display of album cards beneath artist descriptions.
  • Eliminates the autoplay button from the video player.
  • Removes the breaking news shelf from the homepage tab.
  • Conceals the captions button on the video player interface.
  • Hides the cast button in the video player for casting purposes.
  • Suppresses the crowdfunding box positioned between the player and video description.
  • Hides the email address within the account switcher for privacy.
  • Conceals suggested video cards at the end of fullscreen videos.
  • Removes the filter bar in video feeds for a cleaner look.
  • Eliminates the floating microphone button that appears during search.
  • Conceals info cards in videos to reduce clutter.
  • Hides various general layout components for a simpler interface.
  • Removes the button that loads similar videos beneath the main video player.
  • Offers the option to hide video player’s previous and next buttons.
  • Hides the dark background overlay when player controls are visible.
  • Conceals the seekbar that shows video progress.
  • Hides the timestamp display in the video player interface.
  • Provides options to hide action buttons under a video for a cleaner appearance.
  • Removes creator watermarks from videos for unobstructed viewing.
  • Enables minimized and background playback for multitasking.
  • Customizes or hides navigation buttons for personalization.
  • Displays the old video quality interface with advanced quality options.
  • Opens links directly in the browser for seamless external browsing.
  • Adds custom playback speeds and remembers chosen speed settings.
  • Conceals specific items in the player flyout menu.
  • Displays premium branding on the home screen for a distinguished look.
  • Remembers selected video quality using the quality flyout.
  • Removes background from the video player controls for a cleaner appearance.
  • Shows dislike count using the Return YouTube Dislike API.
  • Enables tap-to-seek functionality on the seekbar.
  • Integrates SponsorBlock to skip video segments like sponsored content.
  • Tricks YouTube into thinking you’re using an older version of the app, restoring the old UI.
  • Introduces swipe controls for volume and brightness adjustments.
  • Enables tablet mini player layout for better tablet user experience.
  • Applies a custom theme for a unique visual style.
  • Allows YouTube ReVanced to operate without root and under a different package name using Vanced MicroG.
  • Removes ads from the video player for an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Replaces the search icon with a wide search bar, hiding the YouTube logo while active.

How to install YouTube ReVanced manager?

You can install this modded YouTube app using two methods: Additionally, you can follow these steps for a seamless installation experience.

Non-root method

Follow this method to install YouTube ReVanced manager’s latest version for non-rooted Android devices or tablets.

  • First of all download latest YouTube ReVanced manager apk on your Android Device/Tablet.
  • Then open your file manager or es file explorer. Find the YouTube ReVanced Manager APK in the downloads folder.
  • Install APK and launch it.
  • Now inside “Common Apps” you will find YouTube Revanced Extended, MicroG and YouTube ReVanced.
  • First of all download and install MicroG.
  • Now you can either install YouTube Revanced Extended or YouTube ReVanced.
  • Done, enjoy ad-free music!

Root method

Follow this method to install YouTube ReVanced root latest version for non-rooted Android devices or tablets.

  • First you need to download the YouTube ReVanced Module zip from “Revanced Apks”
  • Open magisk/kernelsu and install it as module.
  • No need to install MicroG in this case.


So, yeah, man, let me break it down for you. YouTube ReVanced is like the ultimate way to level up your YouTube experience on Android. It’s got this crazy ad-blocking power, so you won’t be bothered by those annoying interruptions. Plus, you can listen to your videos in the background while you do other stuff – it’s like having superpowers, dude! And the best part is, you can totally customize everything to make YouTube look and feel exactly how you want it. If you’re all about tech or just love discovering cool apps, you gotta get YouTube ReVanced, like, now! It’s gonna take your YouTube game to a whole new level. Get on it and thank me later, bro!

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