Best free video editing apps for android without a watermark!

best video editing apps for android without watermark

Are you a content creator and looking for the best free video editing apps for android, or a normal user who just wants to do some small modification to a video? I have provided the 3 best video maker apps that don’t show any watermark in their edited videos. These free video editing applications have … Read more

FREE STREAMING WEBSITES IN 2022 | Watch Free Movies legally

free streaming movies

Hello everyone. Most of us like movies but we have to spend money to watch one. Although, there are alternates like piracy which is illegal and can get you in trouble. But what if I tell you there are some free online movie streaming sites and services that are legal and free to watch? Here … Read more

Netflix free streaming on the official app!

closeup photo of person holding panasonic remote control in front of turned on smart television

Yeah, this is true guys, now you can stream Netflix for free in their official application and you don’t need any credit cards or debit card details. On 5th and 6th December, Netflix is completely free and you can stream whatever you want on their official application and this is posted by Netflix India on … Read more