Google is helping phishing links to pass through security filters.

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In a recent article published by ArmorBlox, they revealed some of the phishing sites hosted on Google services like Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Forms, etc. and because they are hosted on Google’s domain they are getting passed through security filters. In this article, we will summarize the article by ArmorBlox and present you for … Read more

Fix error changed its ‘Origin’ value from ‘Google, Inc.’

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Hi! Whether you must be wondering why this strange error “changed its ‘Origin’ value from ‘Google, Inc.’ to ‘Google LLC’” occurred or you just copied the error, my job is to tell you why this error occurred and how you can fix it! After running sudo apt-get update, you must have seen this error or … Read more

How to use Google Pay on Rooted phones?

As you all know, in the recent updates of Google’s Tez aka Google Pay, it made it almost impossible to use Google Pay on rooted phones! But nothing is impossible. Even if you pass the safety net and hide root using Magisk, it still detects the root and we couldn’t register, So in order to … Read more

Buyer’s guide: Should I buy a Chromebook?

Hey, visitors welcome, so today I going explain whether you should buy Google a Chromebooks? I am going tell you what actually google Chromebook can do and what it can’t do. What is a Chromebook? Google released their Chromebook in 2011, it doesn’t contain Windows, Linux or MacOS, Google created their own OS for their Chromebooks which … Read more