What are some wrong belief about rooting our mobile phone?

So you might have heard about “rooting android phone”. But being a researcher you might have come across some myths about rooting android phones. Before jumping into misconceptions of rooting let’s learn what rooting is?

What is root?

Rooting is nothing but gaining superuser access. Now, what superuser is? Superuser means you will have complete access to your android phone.

What do you mean by complete access?

It is believed that android has fewer restrictions than iOS. That’s true, but not completely. Android manufacturers limit the true potential of Android. Like those powers which will either make Android better or will make it stop working. Because people just google stuff and apply it without proper information about what it could do. Now let’s jump into the Mythbusters about rooting.

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Common myths about rooting an Android phone:-

  • Rooting android device will make android slower

No, but it depends as I said earlier. If you will install useless scripts that executes when android boots will slow down it’s booting process. Booting means the starting of android devices when you press the power button. One reason could be faulty ROMs or kernel. It should be noted that not all android custom ROMs and kernels are good. So install those things which you are sure about, not every script that makes android faster.

  • If you will root android device it will stop receiving OTA updates

It’s true but if you can always flash updates manually. If you are in stock ROM then there are chances that you will still receive OTA updates. But if you are not receiving then you can google stuff and flash the OTA updates via TWRP. Many developers provide TWRP flashable OTA updates.

  • Rooting void warranty

No, actually. It depends on the person who is present at the service center. When you unlock bootloader your device will show a warning that its unlock like in Samsung and Asus. But you can always flash stock firmware and relock the bootloader. And warranty only covers software level issues so if you can flash the stock firmware than what possible help you can get from the service center?

These are some of the common myths I heard from my friends, whose friends tried to root and messed up their android devices. But yeah rooting can make your android device stop working but google has answers to most of the problem and you can always use google and the most important thing is that it’s completely free to use.


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